multicolor athletic knee high socks Review

Satisfaction with [Positive=5, Negative=1] : A five plus !!


loved the product so much I purchased about 15 pairs of kneesocks within a month, from hot pink and gold to your basic black and white. Guys just can’t find knee socks in dept. stores and definitely not in colors like these. Also these knee socks look and fit so well. Another surprising fact about the socks is that they wash very well with no shrinkage.
Review of your athletic knee socks ; After years of wearing the same old colors (black and white) its actually fun to wear the lighter colors like the pinks and golds. You can tell the socks are long lasting as soon as you put them on. These knee socks stay up all day long but you may also like to slouch the socks down to your ankles when wearing shorts. Overall I love these knee socks.

Tommy H.

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